Sunday, December 30, 2007

December 30, 2007 10:35 pm

Today I completely rearranged my bedroom. Believe me, it needed it! No new pics taken today, so I'll post some of the International Quilt Festival-Chicago. These were taken in April of 2007. It was held in Rosemont, IL in the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center. Please excuse the quality of the pictures. They were taken with my cell phone.

I used google earth to get this screen shot. This is where we were. The hotel was right across the street from the convention center.

We stayed at the Hyatt.

Here's another view.

This is the wing that we stayed in.

This is the interior of the Hyatt.This is the lobby.
This is our room.
Seams To Me Booth

Seams To Me BoothWe sold Clover Products too!Mom & Judy getting the phone lines working.
Mom's Cars display.I love Santa's Helpers!
Minkee display.
Another view.
We got to tour Troy Corporation & buy fabric!Mom & Judy checking out the fabric!
Tons of Fabric!!!!
Other Quilts at the festival.More quilt displays.
I'm a sucker for glitter!
Love these dresses!
I like the cubby hole that the owner can hide in!Never know where you will get inspiration!

This is the bathroom floor of the convention center. (see the pattern?)

Well, have a great day!!!! Later!!!!

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Miss Lyss said...

That was a pretty big quilt show!