Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Hope you had a great Christmas! I did! Got to spend time with my husband, children, grandkids and friends. Plus, my husband and I talked with each of our parents, brothers, and sisters!

Jim made Kimchi, bean sprout, & bulgogi on Christmas Eve. Christmas Day Jim cooked the Turkey, Stuffing, Sweet Potatoes, Corn, Potatoes, and Cranberry Dressing. The meals were wonderful!!! Since my cooking is horrible (believe me, it's better that I don't cook, we save money on emergency room visits this way), I cleaned up the mess after everyone ate (along with Mona & Justin). We also received a special treat - Marcus & Amber came to our house to visit us. Here's some pics of the last 3 days!

There's No Other Feeling Of Love Than Hugging Your Grandchild!!!!

Grandpa made cake just for Dylan!

Baby Keira opening her present!
Dylan got a new tricyle!!!

We have another Steeler's Fan in our family!
Each Christmas, Grandma Karen gives each of her grandkids & great grandkids a Christmas Ornament. The ornaments are treasured. The grandchildren have amassed quite a collection. They look forward to each year to see what she will send them.

Here's Mona's.

Here is Justin's Christmas Ornament.

Here is Mike's.
Here's Alyssa's

Here's Dylan's

Here's Keira's
Mona's Tattoo written in Korean (Hangul). The top line says Family, the 2nd line says Love.
Justin cut his fingernail in half. Mona is taking care of it!
Tuckered Out!!!
(left to right) Backrow: Justin, Marcus, Jim, Dylan.

Middle: Amber, Alyssa, Mona.

Front: Mike, Keira

Well, that's it for now. It is 2:55 am and I need to catch some zzzz's.

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Miss Lyss said...

I had a blast and i already miss you guys! ^_^