Sunday, December 23, 2007

Life is Good!

Hello! Thank you for visiting! Today it kinda rained/sleeted/ & snowed. Maybe we'll have a white Christmas after all!

This my version of a Christmas tree. I just love the lights!!!

My passions are scrapbooking, beading & quilting! This next picture shows a project that I worked on in Iowa at a scrapbooking class in Algona, Iowa.

This was created at a scrapbooking class in Edmond, OK. They have since closed their doors, and they are sorely missed!!!

Here are some pictures of my beading & quilting quests.

This is a design I purchased from Amy Loh-Kupser. She is a terrific bead pattern designer. Here is her website. I have made several of her designs. This is one side of the cat bag.

This is the other side of the cat bag.

This is a quilt I made for my father-in-law.

This is a tote I made for my sister's friend.

This is a quilt I made for my nephew.

I am also trying my hand at digital scrapbooking. I am learning Adobe CS2 the hardway! By the way, this is my beautiful grandaughter!

I was in Iowa this summer and went to the Clay County Fair. I got hooked on Hot Fix Crystals. The saying is a running joke between my hubby & I.

I made this quilt & pillows for my Hubby. Can you tell he's a Steeler's fan?

This is the 1st kingsize quilt I ever made. It is not finished in the picture, but it is finished and is on my bed. The pattern is a Carpenter's Wheel. I choose that for 2 reasons. #1 I love the pattern. #2 My dad was a handyman/carpenter, so I always think of him when I see it.

This quilt is a tribute to my dog & my daughter's dog (and begrudgenly, my husband's bird).

Well, I'll sign off for now! I'll post more later!!!!

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