Sunday, January 13, 2008

January 13, 2008 (Sunday)

Alyssa, Dylan & Keira stayed at our house. I felt sorry for Alyssa because she had 2 sick kids to contend with. She was up most of the night before with both kids. So when we got back to our house last night, I told her to take Dylan with her & that I would stay up with Keira. My hubby was so sweet, I was so tired, so he slept in the livingroom all night holding my granddaughter, so that I could get some sleep!

The quilt show was wonderful! I am so lucky & glad that Oklahoma City has a quilt show. I get to see my mom & sister!

From the left: Kim, Mona, Betty, Debbie, Hayden, Mom, and Vicky

Keira trying to climb the stairs!
Alyssa letting Keira listen to some tunes!!!
Keira playing with my shoes!

That's it for now!


Miss Lyss said...

So cute!!!

The new home of my personal site. I have nothing transfered over yet.

Miss Lyss said...

forgot the link. lol