Saturday, January 26, 2008

January 26, 2008 (Saturday) 2:40 am

I went and ate Korean Food at the B-Won restaurant in Del City with Mona & Bri. It was wonderful! I had Bibimbap. Bri had Bulgoki, and Mona had some spicy noodle soup that had squid and octopus. They ate it, not me!

Justin got here around midnight. He doesn't have to return to duty until Sunday night, so he came to say goodbye to his sister before she leaves for Korea. Mike had to work in Norman this weekend, so I guess we won't see him until next week!

Bri & Mona ordering Korean Food
Justin & Mona playing Guitar Hero
The dogs, waiting for me to go to bed!
Shoulder is getting a little better! YEAH!!! Maybe I'll have it back to normal by April! Have a great day!

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