Saturday, January 26, 2008

January 26, 2008 (Saturday) 6:06 pm

I finally finished the scrapbook that I made for my daughter. I'm posting some of the pages. I used Shrinky Dinks to make little charms. Justin & Mona went shopping this morning & spent the afternoon playing some more "Guitar Hero".

Mona playing the guitar!
Mona & Justin both playing. Here's a screen shot.
First 2 pages of scrapbook. Shows planes she rode to get to Seattle.
The view outside his apartment. (I used shrinky dinks & made little charms)
The ride to the ferry.
Ferry views
This opened up to show 2 more views.
Pike's Market & the Seattle Aquarium
I moved the attached ticket, so you can see more of the starfish.
Space Needle
The right side opens up to show another pic!
Made a military page for my daughter

Made Shrinky dinks to spell out ARMY

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Miss Lyss said...

scrapbook looks good! I love guitar hero!!