Saturday, January 5, 2008

January 5, 2008 Saturday 2:38 am

Well, not much is happening here. My daughter made it home from Washington on Thursday & her luggage arrived Friday. So she had to go back to the airport & retrieve it. She wasn't too thrilled about that, but at least they didn't lose it! She is now at Fort Sill, OK for more training. Tonight I'm posting pictures taken this past fall of '07.

A look at the main street in my hometown.
We went to the Apple Orchard in Fort Dodge, IA, on the way there we saw things coming out of the sky, so we just had to see what it was. We pulled into the Fort Dodge Airport, and they had some kind of exhibit going on for parachuters.

This is my niece & her friend watching the parachuters.
Here's some more pictures of the parachuters!
My niece her her friend goofing around!
My niece swimming at a swim meet in Spencer, IA

My other niece & her friend supporting their little sister!

My nephew playing football at Esterville, IA

Another picture of my nephew playing football in Algona, IA
Another picture of football!

My niece and my nephew's girlfriend & a soon-to-be relative had their nails done!

Well, that's it for now. Have a great nite!

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