Saturday, January 5, 2008

January 5, 2008 Saturday 8:03 pm

Weather is beautiful today!!! Didn't even need a jacket! Not bad for January! My day consisted of waking up, playing with the dogs, watching tv, going grocery shopping & now playing on the internet. My hubby is watching the Steeler's play. The way he is commenting "Loudly, I might add", they are not doing too well.

I am posting some pictures from April 2007. This is at Paducah, KY at the AQS show! This show is not only in one building, it seems to be all over the city of Paducah! Sorry about the quality of the pictures. Most of the pictures were taken with my cell phone.
AQS Banner
This picture epitomizes what the AQS shows, exciting, adventurous! To have fun & shop until you drop!
Judy, Erin, Marilyn
Google Earth - Executive Inn, Paducah, KY
Back of the Executive, looking at the Ohio River.
Front of the Executive Inn
Our room at the Executive Inn
Watching barges haul their products!
A little tugboat!
The pool at the Executive Inn.
The shopping area at the Executive Inn.
AQS volunteers welcoming the crowds!
Ricky Tim's Show Horse! So COOL!!!!
Seams To Me Booth
Seams To Me Booth
Seams To Me Booth
Got to go to the Hancock Fabrics of Paducah!
Quilts hanging inside of Hancocks!
More quilts hanging up at Hancock Fabrics!
We went to the mall. They had vendors there too!

Well, that's it for now. Tomorrow I will take pictures of some Korean Food! My hubby makes it for me! YUMMMMM.

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