Tuesday, January 8, 2008

January 8, 2008, Tuesday 11:54 pm

This is just a short post tonight, I will add more pictures of today later. Today, my daughter & I went and saw the Body Within at the Oklahoma Omniplex. It was really cool to see and very informative. If you are squemish, don't go! Then we ate at the Texas Roadhouse. It was delicious.

I am at the Courtyard Marriott with my mom for the Oklahoma Winter Quilt Show. I sure hope the weather cooperates this year!
Pop Quiz...anyone who knows me should know who's house these were taken from...
(note major Mickey Mouse Fan
Major Mickey Mouse Addict!
This is one of the bedrooms, some people don't like to sleep in this room because all the eyes stare at you!
Did I mention Mickey Mouse????
Kinda of scary isin't it?

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