Wednesday, January 9, 2008

January 9, 2008 10:35 pm

As promised, I am posting some pics. Yesterday, my daughter and I went to the Oklahoma Omniplex, Science Museum, to see the "Our Body, The Universe Within" exhibit.

Here is a picture of our tickets. They wouldn't let us take pics in the exhibit.

Here's the Marquee!

My Mom & Vicky made it here for the Oklahoma Winter Quilt Show 2008! My kids love it, they get to see their Grandma!!!!

Here is my mom, Vicky, Mike, Me & Mona!

Setting up the Seams To Me Booth
Another View

Another View!
Another View
We visited the Oklahoma City Memorial - Very Humbling!

Oklahoma City MemorialThe Reflecting Pool
The Chairs that are lighted!The Survivor Tree

Another Picture Of The Chairs

The Wall where people leave momentos!

After visiting the Memorial, we ate at Spagetti Warehouse! UMMMM. Well, that's it for tonight!

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