Friday, February 1, 2008

February 1, 2008 (Friday) 2:23 am

Sorry I didn't post yesterday... I've been spending way too much time looking at different internet blogs. Most of them are of scrapbooking. I made these 2 pictures using the Greetings By Making Memories website. I know, complete infatuation of my grandkids!

We got snow yesterday, but probably only an inch or two. My daughter is in Fort Leonard Wood now. She said it's really cold there! She's still trying to figure out a way to get the internet. Hopefully she'll find a way to do it!

Well, this pic is for my daughter-in-law. Since her hubby is in Ft. Sill, & her kids are too young to write, I figured the Cupid Fairy should make her something nice!

Have a great day!!!!

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Miss Lyss said...

thanks so much!! They are too cute!!