Saturday, March 22, 2008

March 22, 2008 (Saturday) 9:24 pm

Happy Easter!!!!

Chris & Mona Wendt!!!!
They got married on Friday (March 21, 2008) in Korea! Talking to their dad on the computer!
I finally went to the dentist for my tooth. Yeah, my bad, I let them go too long, and now it is abscessed (spelling???). So now I am taking antibiotics {which makes my food taste funny}, and pain killers. (Thank God for Pain Killers!). When the infection goes away, I'll have to get the stupid thing pulled.

My youngest was home this past week for Spring Break. I think he enjoyed it...

I took a scrapbooking class--the class was featured to make something about ourselves.
My youngest in his dorm room.
My Granddaughter's hair is turning light red/blonde!!!
I made a little scrapbook of my Valentine's Day.
Pics of the gift basket I received from hubby, and the grandkids playing with the balloons.
Teddy Bears that we got for the grandkids.
Grandma & Baby Keira and the mailbox I made.
Have a great day!

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