Friday, April 18, 2008

April 18, 2008 (Friday) 2:39 am

Sorry I haven't blogged lately...been kinda busy. Been stamping with some new stamps I ordered! I am hooked on Bella stamps and My Favorite Things stamps, and Hanna Stamps.

I joined a Bella card swap. Here are the cards I made up. I used the "I-Pod Bella" image because it reminded me of my niece (Jenni). The inside of the cards says "Live It Up". The cards had to be complete (decorated front & decorated inside) and it had to have at least 2 layers, and an embellishment on the front. I used glitter for her belt and collar, some hotfix crystals for her earrings, and some rhinestone flowers & dots. (See Mom, I'm finally using the glitter & hotfix crystals that I bought)!!!!

My pink card

My Blue Card

My Green Card

My other blue card

My purple card

I went to the dentist today. They took an impression of my bottom teeth. Next Thursday (Apr. 24) will be the date I start my diet! That's when they pull my teeth!!! At least I'll be knocked out for it! (Yes, I know I'm a baby & can't tolerate any kind of pain)!

My oldest son will be coming here tomorrow. YEAHHHH I get to see my grandkids!!!!! I also got to talk with my daughter tonight! She just got back from being in the field for a few days. It was nice to talk with her!

My hubby & I celebrated our 20th Anniversary this month! Hard to believe eh??? I don't feel old enough to be married 20 years.....

Well, thats it for now. Have a great day!!!!


Amberbop said...

Super, super Cute! I love that little bit of shine. I especially love the texture in the jacket and everything on the purple card.

Eulanda said...

Hi Kim!
Thanks for visiting my blog! Just had to check yours out too. You are so creative!!!! Love these bella cards. Yup soooo addicting!!! Luv it! hee hee

Eulanda said...
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