Friday, July 25, 2008

July 25, 2008 (Friday) 5:28 am

YIPPEEEEEE!!!!! I received a Bella Sistah package from Jenn! She's the greatest! I apologize for the blurry picture. Anyway, she sent me a ton of DS paper, a Copic Pen (I don't own any, but have heard awesome comments about them, so I am anxious to try it out), a Bookwormabella stamp, a Penquin Dude Stamp, 2 Self Adhesive Pearls packages, 1 package of felt buttons from Creative Imaginations, and 3 beautiful cards!!!! Here's her 1st card she sent me!!!! I love the Glitter effect on the cupcake!!!
Here's the 2nd card from Jenn!!!
Here's the 3rd card from Jenn!!!I attended another one of Connie's Stampin' Up classes. These are the cards we made. These are so cool! She is so talented & sweet & has the patience of a Saint!!! This first card used vellum which we rubbed yellow ink on the inside and then used adhesive to stick the vellum onto the card. And on the inside of the card, we adhered a packet of Lemonade!
Here's the 2nd card we made at the class! It's a Margarita!!! We used Micro beads for the Salt!
Well, that's it for now! Have a great day!!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

July 17, 2008 (Thursday) 4:15 am

Happy Birthday Debbie!!!!

We had the Grandkids here last week. They are so sweet & adorable. I Love to cuddle & play with them. Sure wish I had their energy!!!

Thought I'd post a couple pics of my grandkids....who could resist this face??

He's all BOY!!!!
Pigtails....Love em'

Received this Beautiful Card & Goodies from Tami B from the PostaBella Yahoo Group.

I love it!!!

Well, that's it for now! Have a Terrific Day!!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

July 3, 2008 (Thursday) 3:01 am

Happy Birthday Dylan!!!!

Just had to say "Happy Birthday" to my Grandson. He turned 4 on the 1st of July!!! He's such a sweetie!!! Can't wait to hug him!!!

Haven't been doing to much this week. We had company this past Sunday. It was fun. A co-worker of my hubby came to our house with his wife & son. We ate Korean food. It was good!

Other than that, I have been reading a bunch of books that I received from Betty in Texas. I think I'm on my 13th book. She gave me around 100 books. THANKS BETTY!!!! She also gave me a rack to hold the books...Or should I say it holds most of them!!! ;)

And I have been beading. When I complete the project, I'll post a picture. Well, that's it for now. Have a great day!!!