Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April 1, 2009 (Wednesday) 2:27 am

It's been forever....sorry about that! I have been a lazy blogger. But I am still making a ton of cards! I thought I'd post a few pictures!

This is of my DS and My DGS and DGD. My son is definitely a Cowboy's Fan...but the Grandkids.... They take after their "Pah-Pah". This was taken in December 0f 2008.

This is at the Emergency Room at Mercy Hospital in Mason City, IA. My Medtronic ICD/pacemaker/defibrillator wires broke! So I had them replaced!
And $34,394.90 later!!!! (And that isin't all of the bills yet!!!)
(By the way, Medtronic only covers a total of $800 on the recalled wires)

My mom's shop (Seams To Me) during the Christmas Season....Love the Mickey's!

My mom had a car accident... She walked away ALIVE & with a broken ankle!
The Other Car! He had no injuries! Thank God!
Snow in my hometown of Algona, IA!
My daughter (an apparent Steeler Fan) and a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader in Korea!
Can you say "Ornery"???
My sister and my nephew and myself in Texas!
My two sisters & myself!
We visited the Fort Worth Stockyards and Mickey Gilley's Bar
My beautiful niece at the Grapevine Mills Mall. Pic was taken with my phone!
My Granddaughter & her favorite toy...(my daughter's Dog)
Yes, he has quite the underbite!!!!
The reason I'm putting a copyright sig on each picture now is because this picture that I took of my daughter's neck back in December of '07, somehow was taken off my blog and submitted in a Korean magazine (MAXIM). And no, she does not get that magazine...someone showed her it.
Pah-Pah and MY Granddaughter
That's what he gets for Steeler's winning the Superbowl!
You can "THANK" your dad for this!
The Son I never wanted...
Just Kiddin' Love this kid!
My grandson....has such a beautiful soul! Love them eyes!!!
Well, now to my crafts...I got this idea from Dawn!
This woman is so KEWL! You should watch her videos!
My nephew had a "Flat Stanley" project...basically he sends you Flat Stanley and you go places and do things with him and take pictures and send souveniers back. You should check it out on the Internet. Since I didn't go anywhere, Flat Stanley & I made Easter Treats together!
This card is 95% Glitter. I learned how to use lace with glitter at the Houston Quilt Show from the girls at the Art Glitter Institute! The Chichiboulie Fairie is from Bella Stamps. I picked up the purple skittles at Walmart.
And I cannot remember who I got this idea for an all white card from. Probably from the Splitcoaststampers website. That place is amazing!

Well, that's it for now! I'll try to do better at blogging more regular! Have a Great Day!!!


Maria said...

Wow all great photos Kim!! Cute kids and grandkids and you and your sisters look gorgeous! Wow, what a spectacular car wreck. . .glad to hear no one was seriously injured especially your mom. Yeah, it's a good idea to copyright your photos! You don't know where it may end up at!!

Love your cards too! You should blog more of your work!! They're fantastic!!


disa said...
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