Monday, April 27, 2009

April 27,2009 (Monday) 12:21 am

I had a great weekend!!! The kids came and visited us this weekend, so that Pah-Pah could meet the newest member of the family. And of course, the newest Grandson has managed to wrap us around his little finger!

My oldest grandson kept busy by learning to play different games on the DS Nintendo and the Gameboy Color. And, my granddaughter (who by the way, shows NO fear), had fun playing with the kitchen magnets, being tickled by Pah-Pah, dancing with Grandma and chasing the dogs! They are absolutely terrified of her.

My hubby made Pulgogi (marinated pork-Korean food), Kimchi, and Beansprouts! It was delicious!

My Son and MY Grandson
My granddaughter showing her Pah-Pah her Aunt Mona talking with us using Skype!
100% Mischevious...Love the Shirley Temple curls!!!
The grandson meeting his Pah-Pah!
Look at those eyes!!!
Pah-Pah also gave him a haircut....What a gorgeous child!
Pah-Pah & the Grandkids!
The Grandkids have a fixation over refrigerator magnets!

Well, that's it for now! Have a great day!


Miss Lyss said...

We had a blast as well!! I am glad to see your electric is back up. Oh yeah could you send me that photo of Jay and Chris? So Cute!! Thanks for the scrapbooking things!

cajunsis said...

Sounds like you did indeed have a wonderful weekend. Aren't grand babies wonderful? Yours are precious. Thanks for sharing them.