Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 26, 2009 (Sunday) 6:17 pm

Summer Fun

I got to keep my youngest grandson for a week!!!! He is so adorable. Hardly ever cries, sleeps all night, and is such a happy little camper!!!

Is he not just the cutest little one ever???
Gizmo is protecting him!!!

Also got another treat! My sister came down from Iowa with 5 (yes, I said five) teenagers to visit. We visited the Murrah Federal Building Memorial in Oklahoma City and then drove down to Texas to visit our another sister! The kids went to Six Flags Over Texas, and we all went to the Fort Worth Stockyards (Cowtown). They got to try Lamb Fries!!!

Tiffany & Chris

Jenni & Chris
Kim, Jenni & Chris
Kim, Debbie, myself & Chris
Tiffany, Cassidy, Chris, Kim, Hayden, Cody, Jenni, & Matt
Cassidy, Chris, Kim, Cody, Jenni
Matt & Jenni
Cody & Tiffany
Hayden, Tiffany, Cody, Matt, Jenni, Cassidy & Chris
Cassidy & Chris getting ready to swim
Love this kid!!!
Jenni & Matt
Jenni, Matt & Hayden eating at the Fort Worth Stockyards
Came back to OKC on Saturday & met up with hubby, Mike, Justin, Alyssa, Dylan & Keira. We played on the Wii and Jim & my sister & the kids played Texas Holdem. Tiffany took the POT!!! Hayden came in second!!!

It's been a great week!

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Maracuja22 said...

The kids are soooo cute and Kiera's hair is curly. Look's like you all had a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing. ~Amber