Thursday, April 1, 2010

Will update this more later

Kee is my dog on the left, Gizmo is my daughter's dog on the right!
I have about 12 more rows to bead & I'll be done with the purse part, still have the straps to do!
My kids, Grandkids, nephew and his friends!
My 3 kids
Gizmo & Chris kissing!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 2010

We got a treat early this year!!! Mom and Vicky came to Oklahoma City for the OKC Winter Quilt Show. That way she gets to see most of my kids, my grandkids, and Debbie & her son!!! They stayed at the Renaissance Oklahoma City Convention Hotel in downtown OKC. Debbie, Hayden & Betty drove up from Dallas. Alyssa, Justin, and the grandkids drove up from Ada, and Mike and Anna drove up from Norman!

Here is a pic from the lobby.

Alyssa took this pic from our room's peep hole.

Mom got upgraded to a Suite and this was the view from our balcony!
This is looking North East

Vicky is adding binding on a quilt in the hotel this women is fast!!!
This part of the suite had a hide-a-bed that was actually comfortable!

The bedroom part of the suite.

We were on the 11th floor. This is a view looking down

This is another view. This hotel has 15 floors.

The view from pointing the camera straight up to the ceiling!

Seams To Me booth
These were taken before the booth was completely set up.

Seams To Me Booth

Seams To Me booth

Seams To Me booth

Seams To Me booth

Seams To Me booth

This is a picture of a beading project I'm gonna try to make.

The whole gang went to IHOP in Edmond after the show closed. We haven't gotten together as a whole since 2000.

Great Grandma K, Chris, and Grandma (Memah)Kim

Great Grandma K and Christopher!

The Whole Gang!!!!
Leftside: Chris, Jim, Dylan, Anna, Mike, Grandma Karen, me
Rightside: Keira, Alyssa, Hayden, Justin, Vicky (who is hiding), Betty and Debbie
Mike and Anna

Alyssa, Chris, Grandma K, Mike, Anna, and Justin

Keira & Dylan!

Hayden lost his last baby tooth!!! HERE COMES THE TOOTH FAIRY!!!

These are just pictures of my cardmaking/crafts

I got this matchbox camera idea from this blog... creations by patti.

This is made from a Matchbook die from Stampin Up

1st page of the inside.

One side of the accordian fold out.

Other side of the accordian foldout.

The backside of the matchbox.

This is a shaker Christmas card

This is the inside of it.

Here is another Christmas card I made

I made these boxes for little ornaments that I bought from Michael's. I got the tutorial for the boxes from Angie at Chicnscratch. She has a ton of tutorials on YouTube.

Sideview of the box

TopNote Treat Boxes. Also got this from Chicnscratch!

The inside of one box

The inside of another box. I even used Hotfix Rhinestones and Glitter!!!

December 2009

My Daughter-In-Law Alyssa and I ate at Shiki's Japanese Restaurant and then went Christmas shopping! Alyssa took the pics in the restaurant with her cell phone.
Shiki's in Edmond, OK
Love their food!


Cooking our meal at the Hibachi grill!

We went to the local Party store & nabbed some pics of Alyssa!

Some more pics!

And more pics!

My Christmas tree....easy to put up, easy to take down!!!

Well, we got our White Christmas! 14 inches of it!!!

They had a 50 car pile up by Tinker Air Force Base. And Amber & Marcus came up to OKC to visit and was stuck in the Norman traffic 6 miles from their destination for 8 hours, due to a semitruck jack-knifing.

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day!


Grandkids opening their gifts

Mommy helping Christopher with his card.

Jim's Annual Calender...(note, the kids buy him these---not me!!!)

Justin's gift from us for giving us Grandkids!

Justin & the kids modeling their new coats from Aunt Mona & Uncle Chris!

And here are the backs of the coats! They love them!!!

We celebrated Christmas a couple days after Christmas because of the weather with Justin, Alyssa and the kids. Michael came up to Edmond before Christmas because he had to work, so he got his gifts early.

But we are Blessed and Thankful for being able to celebrate it with family & friends!