Tuesday, January 19, 2010

October 2009

This was a busy month.

I went Houston, TX with my mom and her sister to the International Quilt Festival. I also got to see my daughter's best friend Amber & her husband Marcus (who also took me to a Korean Resturant....wonderful food) and my sister and her son drove down there too, so it was like a Mini-Family-Reunion! We also visited the Oklahoma City Memorial. My Aunt had never gotten to see the sight so we did the whole tour. It was great getting to spend time with them.

I also stayed with my sister in Texas for a few weeks. My son and his family and his best friend (Dumb & Dumber) came down there too and helped me and my sister out.

My daughter sent some pics of a medical training exercise that she participated in. Don't worry, this was a DUMMY that they used. If you don't like gross pictures, you may want to scroll fast!

My nephew's girlfriend was crowned Homecoming Queen (WOO HOO). She's terrific and such a sweetie! We're all proud of her!

And my Son & Daughter-In-Law brought the kids here to go Trick or Treating for Halloween!

My son at my sister's house in Texas. I love this picture!

Dumb & Dumber working on my sister's roof! (It's amazing that nobody got hurt this time!!!)

Mark, Alyssa R, Keira, Alyssa H, Christopher, and Dylan in front of my sister's house.


What beautiful eyes!!!

This was a display for a vendor at the International Quilt Market in Houston, TX

A YOYO placemat (very cool...pennies inside each yoyo!)

It was quite foggy in Houston!

The Pink Shuttle Bus (see the little pink sheet in the window).
That's how we knew which hotel it went to!

I was on the 2nd floor looking out the portholes and found my Mom & Aunt at Market!

View from our Hotel Room at the Hyatt Room

Leaving the Hotel room to set up for Festival!

2nd Floor of the George Brown Convention Center

Mom & Deanna looking out a porthole of the vendors setting up!

A view from the porthole of the vendors setting up...do you see our booth?

Seams To Me booth

Seams To Me booth

Our Annual Benihana's Tradition
Backrow: Mom, Marcus, Debbie, Deanna
Frontrow: Amber, Hayden, Me

My Aunt and a Volunteer at the Oklahoma Memorial

OKC Memorial

Mom and Deanna

Christopher, Justin & Gizmo

Tiffany....Forest City, Ia Homecoming Queen 2009!

Mona in Korea doing her Medical Training Exercise

Training Exercise

Dylan's Halloween Outfit ... Optimus Prime

Alyssa & Christopher (Scooby Doo) getting ready to Trick Or Treat!

Christopher's Halloween Costume

My Little Princess Keira

Happy Halloween!

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