Tuesday, January 19, 2010

September 2009

For the month of September, I drove back to Iowa to help my sister at the Clay County Fair in Spencer, IA. She has an embroidery business and she is GOOD at what she does!!! I also got to see my mom too since her booth at the Fair was just down the aisle.

I also got to attend the Algona Band Day. Man was it FREEZING! I felt sorry for the girls who had the wear the uniforms that were dresses! And I also attended my niece's Swim Meet in Storm Lake, IA.
This is my Dad and Mom and myself in Korea. I was browsing the videos on YouTube and came across this video! This video is a testimony to God Our Father and his Son Jesus. You can watch the video here. The man is telling the story on the video was also on the same plane as my parents when they came and got me from the Holt International Organization in Seoul, Korea. His name is Kim. He is awesome and plays the piano beautifully!!! I have corresponded with him and he is very nice!

My friend Sandy (we went to High School together) and myself watching the Band Day Parade.
She is one of the happiest people in the world!

Can you say that Iowan's grow BIG Squash?

Algona's Middle School Band

My niece and Matt getting set to watch the parade.

Jeanne, myself, and Sally!
A couple of my friends from High School
All 3 of us had not been together since our Junior year in High school!
And no, I'm not telling you what year that was!

Jenni's Swim Meet in Storm Lake, IA

Seams To Me Booth at the Clay County Fair

Another view of the Seams To Me Booth at the Clay County Fair

Weaver's Booth at the Clay County Fair
My sister's booth

Another view of my sister's booth

Love her towels!

My Daughter-In-Law (Alyssa) and my son's best friend (Mark) goofing off in our living room!

Christopher, Memaw Kim & Keira.
I've never been called Memaw,(being from the North), but somehow my Granddaughter has gave me that name.

That's it for now!

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